Thursday, January 3, 2013

Star-studded line-up at the Covey Center!


We have been waiting to announce the guest stars that will be performing with 
Mark Ballas on January 28th and here they are:

Derek Hough, Dancing with the Stars
Eliana Girard, So You Think You Can Dance
Lindsey Arnold, So You Think You Can Dance
Oksana Dymtrenko, Dancing with the Stars
Cyrus Spencer, So You Think You Can Dance

What a star-studded line-up! We are so excited to have all of them performing here at the Covey Center and we hope you are too! To purchase your tickets, visit or call 801.852.7007

Friday, December 28, 2012

Did you know?

Did you know that Covey Center for the Arts is:

  • Owned and Operated by Provo City
  • Primarily a rental facility. Open and available for community groups, dance studios, theater companies and visual artists to perform and display their work.
  • Named after Sandra M. Covey, philanthropist and lover of the arts.
  • Part of the Parks & Recreation department within the city.
  • A producer also! We produce 5 Mayor's Series Events, 5 theater productions a year and several classes including Middle Eastern Dance and A Cappella Music.
  • Recently renovated. Our Brinton Theater went from a capacity of 60 to 100, and we increased the stage size by 30% in 2011.
  • A host to many free events throughout the year including new art exhibits every month.
  • Casts our productions from Provo and the surrounding areas. All auditions are open call.
  • 6 years old in October, 2013.
There's just a little bit about us! Check out the events we have going on in 2013 on our website,  We would love to have you join us, see you soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The public has spoken! Dinner & Drama is a hit!

  1. Look at what everyone is saying about Dinner & Drama with the Thrillionaires!! These are posts on the Mayor's blog. Get your tickets today for Wed - Saturday shows starting at 6:30!!! Call 801.852.7007

    I have honestly never heard of the Thrillionaires and am now intrigued. I will definitely need to check these guys out. I love a good show.
  2. The Thrillionaires are one of the most talented, interesting, exciting, ambitious performing arts groups in the area. I'd love these tickets! :)
  3. They always make me laugh so much! I would crash and burn in improv comedy, but thy are wonderful.
  4. I haven't seen the Thrillionaires before, but I hear they're really funny!
  5. Sherrie Hall EverettAugust 10, 2012 6:36 PM
    I love it when the Thrillionaires play the Covey....never laughed so hard. Do yourselves a favor and SEE them!! It's one of the funnest nights in Provo.
  6. We LOVE Improv but we've never seen the Thrillionaires. This sounds so fun!
  7. We've seen the Thrillionaires twice: once at the Covey and once at the piano studio in Pleasant Grove. I am so impressed by them!
  8. I've wanted to see the Thrillionaires for a while now. I've also really wanted to go to a dinner theatre! (It'd also be nice to have a date night with the hubby) :)
  9. We love the Thrillionaires! They performed at a concert with my cousin Mindy Gledhill and they were so funny! Ever since my husband has been talking about going to see another show, he loved them! He's probably suggested it about 30 times in the last 2 years and it just has not ever worked out! I actually saved the brochure we got in the mail about this event b/c I wanted to ask him about it! We'd love to go!
  10. I haven't heard anything about the Thrillionaires but my birthday is on Monday and this would be a great surprise! I woul dlove to have a night out with my husband :)
  11. I haven't seen them, but I've heard they're great!
  12. This is one of mine and my husbands favorite activity to go to for date nights. Always a food laugh. These guys are great entertainment for such a great fee. You won't be disappointment.
  13. I haven't heard much, but if its going on in provo I want to see it!
  14. About 8 years ago I saw a improv dinner and theater show and it was amazing, I'm not sure if it was the Thrillionaires but I'm sure they are just as good or better.
  15. I've never heard of them, I've also never been to the Covey Arts Center, this would be a great opportunity for my husband and me. Sounds like tons of fun, we love improv, we also love dinner : ).
  16. My husband and I have never heard of the Thrillionaires until a friend mentioned these performances. We've never been to the Covey Center, either. We're excited about this new experience for us.
  17. I've been to one Dinner & Drama at Covey and I believe it was the Thrillionaires who performed. We had a great time and the food was excellent. I highly recommend it.
  18. I've watched the Trillionaries at a Nu Skin Employee Christmas party! I was very to watch them. Would LOVE to see them again.
  19. I don't know anything about them but it sounds like fun. With 4 teenage boys and a 2yr old a night out sounds amazing!
  20. I haven't seen them,
    But I've heard they're great.
    If the Mayor picks me,
    My wife gets the date.
  21. What a great date night -- I would love to see the Thrillionaires with my husband.
  22. This is the first that I've heard about them, but it sounds like they're hilarious! It would be a fun date night for my husband & I.
  23. Improv with the Thrillionaires, dinner too. It doesn't get much better than this.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Visit our Mayor's Blog to learn about Provo City's re-branding and you could
WIN tickets to see STYX in concert at the Covey Center!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Get your tickets for the Fantasticks today! Call 801.852.7007. View the trailer here. See you there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

check it out!  BYU Cougarettes dance group won first place in an international dance competition in Prague. Way to go ladies!

Don't miss the Courgarettes when they perform at the Covey Center - watch our blog and website for information.